Our brand new review journal is here! Thanks to the Publishing students for helping us read and review all the titles we’ve been sent. We aim to review every Middle Grade or YA title we’re sent, so if you’re a publisher or author and would like to feature in our newsletter please do send us proofs/finished copies to the following address:

Hazel Holmes
Campus Administrative Service
Greenbank Hub
Room GR006
Greenbank Building



Our Reviewers

Abbe Simpson – AS

Abby Hodge – AH

Amy Carr – AC

Amy Davies – AD

Bronya Holliday – BH

Chloe Hunt – CH

Chris Oakes – CO

Gemma Rayner – GR

Holly Capper – HC

James Phoenix – JP

Janet Pickering – JPI

Johanna Marton – JM

Katie Finn – KF

Leanne Glentworth – LG

Matthew Raisbeck – MR

Natalie Graham – NG

Ruth Jones – RJ

Sarah Kipling – SK


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